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Why I don't use a music notation program

First off, I spend quite enough time in front of a computer as it is. E mail is most people's preferred mode of communication these days, not to mention all the superfluous communiques that have to be sifted through. I often write my articles and books at the computer, do editing work, make videos, make promotional material, and do research with it. And write blog posts. After all that, I'm done.
There is something about composing with pencil and manuscript paper that I enjoy. I even like how it looks. Everyone's hand is different. Computer music all looks the same.
When I'm presented with computer music in an ensemble, I have a trepidation that there will be mistakes. The notation program often doesn't transpose a note correctly. And it has no understanding of music, so it writes G# when it should write Ab. It puts an eighth note and eighth rest on a downbeat, instead of a short quarter note. It spaces everything the same, whereas [...]
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Buying a "no name" saxophone

Posted on December 2, 2014 with 0 comments
My friend Luiz wrote to me. Here's his question, and my reply.

"I need your input about something. A friend of a friend of mine in Brazil wants to buy a decent soprano (used or new) between $200 and $300 or a little more. Is that possible? He's a bass player, just got interested in sax recently.
He found the following ones at Amazon.com:

Mendini MSS_N+920 Nickel plated $280,00
Lázaro 300 LQ Golden Laquer $319,00
Allora AASS_301 serie student $ 349,00"

Sue's response:

What is happening now is that there are many private instrument makers. The same thing that happened in the music biz where you could make your own CDs instead of going through a record company, or publish your own books
without a publisher, is going on in many fields. These instrument makers are sometimes very good and very knowledgeable. Often they themselves are players, so they really have a deep understanding of how to make a
good instrument. They develop the prototype in their home country, then they outsource [...]
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"Sweet Sue" by Michael J. Wetmore

Posted on November 25, 2014 with 0 comments
Living out her name she goes table - to - table
A cosmic momentum captures the room
We are her faithful - and she is ours
But, now
A phalanx of noir notes
A dulcit overtone
A fine blue mesh, and then an explosion!
She sees the sax
She becomes the sax
She is purest Zen
Kerouac didn't live to hear her
He'd write about her just like Bird and Pres
Maybe he'd say: "So I am in this little place in the mountains in PA, see, and this chick's groovin's sax she got it goin bad, and I'm yellin'... Go! ...Every couple of seconds and God! dont ya know.. I think I'm in love...Wooo...!"
She speaks - and the glow is almost unbearable
We need charisma glasses
But now its that bittersweet time
We, the faithful file out
The ultimate Joy of Sax
Leaves our glass half empty
'Cause that's all for tonite
And half full
'Cause she'll return
The silent streets welcome her
We realize there's been more than a show, a performance
There's been an [...]
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Eric vs Troopers, Chapter 3

Posted on October 6, 2014 with 0 comments
  "Area...closed...to hunting" said Billy slowly, reading the temporary roadside sign as he and Hank drove south on Rt. 447 in Hank's beat-up pickup. 
  "Yeah," said Hank as he shifted back into fourth gear to continue down the nearly deserted country road. "That jerk spoiled the hunting season.  And how'm I gonna feed my family this winter?  I'll have to hunt somewhere's else.  But dang, these woods is what I know, Billy."
  "Are you thinkin' what I'm thinking?" asked Billy.
  "Yeah, I think so."
  "How we gonna do it?"
  "Dunno yet.  Gotta think about it.  Hey let's stop at the pizza place and get a couple six packs. . . "

Eric vs Troopers, Chapter 2

Posted on October 5, 2014 with 0 comments
  In the previous entry we found Eric with his battalion of trained chipmunks (and squirrel officers).  I realize this is really going out on a limb; but I thought I would offer it just in case Disney wants to branch out.
  This is also a rather low-tech approach.  Maybe we'll have Eric using a Blackphone instead.  Blackphone encrypts all your communications between itself and another Blackphone (Google it if you're clueless) so he could be communicating with his sister, for instance, and receiving information on law enforcement coordinates and so forth. 
  But frankly, I think he should have both.  The Blackphone might go kaput (not to mention whatever solar-powered charger he's got) whereas female chipmunks usually have litters of four or five, every year.
  Although it's almost time for the Eastern chipmunk to go into hibernation for the winter.  Back to Blackphone.

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