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Su Terry: BLOG

Eric Frein, Chapter 1

Posted on October 5, 2014 with 0 comments
  What the police don't realize is that Eric has been training an army ever since his arrest in 2004, when he served a few months in jail, then upon his release, resolved to get revenge.  In the 2 million acres of woods behind his parents' house, he trained an army of chipmunks to do his bidding, including patrol duty and delivering messages.  (My friend Sharon heard this part and said I should make squirrels the officers, because they are very crafty.  Sharon, consider it done!)
  The life span of the Eastern Chipmunk is only about 2 or 3 years.  Therefore, Eric has trained three generations of chipmunks, and the duties to which he's entrusted them are slowly being imprinted on their DNA.  Today, Eric's chipmunks run faster and see further than their counterparts who've received no such education.  Of course, if the Hundredth Monkey hypothesis holds true, soon all chipmunks will display these qualities.  Time will tell.
  Meanwhile, the [...]
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You may have seen it on the news: Alleged cop-killer Eric Frein is being hunted by hundreds, maybe thousands of law enforcement and military personnel, and it's happening in my very own neighborhood.  Here's the thing: the cops seem clueless, and the news media are feeding us days-old information over and over again. 
I do not know the Frein family.  I want this to be over, as do all of us residents who are affected by the searches, the lockdowns, the curfews, the roadblocks, the helicopter noise 24/7, the searchlights, etc. 
Since I am a writer, I thought I would provide some new content, in the form of an outline of a WORK OF FICTION.  Disclaimer: Did I mention this is a WORK OF FICTION?
I will post new ideas as they occur to me, until Frein is apprehended or until I am bored, whichever comes first.

Special Band; Bob Siebern RIP; Lock Down

Posted on September 21, 2014 with 0 comments
Yesterday I traveled to my musical hometown of Hartford to play a concert at the Artists Collective.  Onstage, as a huge portrait of my teacher Jackie McLean smiled down on me, Vic Juris, Bob Cranshaw and Steve Johns, we ventured into a playful and diverse program that included music by composers from Freddie Hubbard to John Mayer.  The thrill of playing with these great musicians, the standing ovation we received, the Collective staff's gracious hospitality, and seeing Melonae, Dollie and Cheryl again were all highlights for me.  Gil and I drove home from Hartford today with bittersweet thoughts after learning of the death of our dear friend, drummer Bob Siebern, in Florida.  If there's someone in your life you've been meaning to call—do it today.We are back home now.  The manhunt for FBI poster boy #2 continues as half our neighborhood is in 24-hour lockdown, and the other half is in after-dark lockdown.  I was lucky to be able to get out [...]
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Jr. High School Band, Mr. Burbank

Posted on September 19, 2014 with 0 comments
Reprinted from the September 2014 issue of Allegro:
’ll never forget Mr. Al Burbank, who was my junior high school band and jazz band director. Mr. Burbank was a trumpeter. He had the last joint of his ring finger missing, which I always found fascinating. I believe the secret to his success was his relaxed attitude – an attitude I try my best to cultivate not only in my playing but also in my approach to teaching. Mr. Burbank’s famous aphorisms? “Don’t play during the rests,” and “Let’s do it again to make sure we didn’t get it right by accident.”

Paw Points

Posted on July 19, 2014 with 0 comments
I have two cats. Their favorite cat litter is Fresh Step, which offers a "Paw Points" coupon on every box.  It's always been an ambition of mine to collect the Paw Points and exchange them for items in the Fresh Step catalog--like a fancy "fountain" water dish, for instance.     Unfortunately, the Coupon Clipping gene is not in my DNA.  (I was made aware of my deficiency in coupon-clipping during a recent genetic screening--but I always suspected I wasn't cut out for it.)  Nevertheless, I do have a pile of cardboard Paw Points coupons sitting on the shelf, clipped during sporadic attempts to rebel against my DNA programming.   But usually, I just toss the whole empty box into the recycling bin.      My sweet felines are now seventeen years old.  I just realized that had I saved up all those Paw Points, by now I could've gotten them one of those carpeted, multi-tiered cat condos . . . in Miami Beach.    It's [...]
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