Archived Videos

The video below was filmed live at the Tokyo Blue Note in 1992.  Cliff's health had declined considerably that year, and by the time we went to Japan he could not play.  Dizzy Reece led the band for the 2 week engagement. I have a solo starting at the 6 minute mark. Thanks to Jazz Video Guy for posting this footage.

I worked with the amazing Hilton Ruiz for several years. The video on the left was a live gig in New York; the video on the right and the one below are from Hilton's last record date. Lew Soloff called me a few days after the date with the shocking news of Hilton's death in New Orleans, where he had gone to do some advance promo on the album release.  Sadly, Lew himself left us not long afterward.  I also remember with fondness the incredibly musical Yomo Toro, whom I played with for the first time on this date. 

The sheet music to Christmas Holiday Overture for Solo Clarinet is available on the Store page.

THE SOURCE: This 9 minute documentary short was completed in March 2014. It is a collaboration between Su, director Ashley Rogers and cinematographer Hernan Salcedo, filmed in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador.