Below is a promotional video for a wonderful educational project I'm part of in Ecuador!

I worked with the amazing Hilton Ruiz for several years. The video below left was a live gig in New York around 2006.  On the right: My high school marching band (the year following my graduation, though).  At the time I did not appreciate director John Rhodes efforts in arranging and choreographing these shows, a rarity in the Northeast in the 70s (I just thought it was too damn cold out!) I now realize that this was important early training for me in the theatrical element of a performance.

The sheet music to Christmas Holiday Overture for Solo Clarinet is available on the Store page.

THE SOURCE: This 9 minute documentary short was completed in March 2014. It is a collaboration between Su, director Ashley Rogers and cinematographer Hernan Salcedo, filmed in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador.