Getting a 2nd Opinion

 I learned something today.  My husband has been in medical treatment for a while, and I'd been putting off getting a doctor's second opinion on a surgery that had been proposed.  All I could think of was the seemingly endless list of all the documents, test results and the like, that I would have to somehow get copies of and assemble for the new doctor. I figured I'd have to track down all the departments and people involved to get everything, and it would be an interminable project that would weigh me down for days on end.
     Finally I called the new doctor's office and spoke with a woman in his office about how to go about getting a second opinion.  At the end of a long spiel, during which my fears began to come true as she told me all the documents that would be needed, she said something that perked up my ears: "We have a checklist of everything we would need, if you'd like us to fax that to your primary care doctor."
    Eureka!  I suddenly realized—this isn't something I do, it's something THEY do!  All I do is call up the primary care doctor's office, tell them we want a second opinion, provide the new doctor's name and fax number, and the medical office people do everything.  They do this every day.  THAT'S THEIR JOB!  
    Wow.  What a relief.  Now I can go back to MY job of playing the clarinet!

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