I Like Modern


I like modern.

I may not be the first in line to buy the latest [whatever] but I keep watch on emerging tech butterfly chrysalises and social trends.  When something attracts me, I check it out—often with my original iPad 1, which I pre-ordered before they were available. (It still works great so I haven't upgraded.) 

I went into Staples the other day and was completely overwhelmed by how many new products there were.  I can't be bothered to look at all this stuff.  The gods of Destiny and Expedience will have to be trusted to guide me to exactly what I need, when I need it.  The god of Finance will have to provide the funding for it, and if the gods of Weather can let me get out of my iced-over 45 degree graded driveway, then they will also receive a sacrificial groat.  [Animal lovers, I said GROAT!]

Yet there's another side of me...an alternate personality...that wants to do something totally archaic and hopelessly Old School...namely, play the clarinet.  Hello god of Balance, thank you for weighing in.

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