My mind keeps returning to the 22 year old chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.  I wrote about him in my book For The Curious.  If you don't know who he is just Google him; he's the number one ranked chess player in the world.  When he was asked how he comes up with his seemingly-precognitive moves, he replies, "I don't know; sometimes a move just feels right."

    For a long time, it hasn't been enough to be good.  Now, it's not even enough to be great.  Now you have to have that extra, undefinable thing. 

    If you want to be a truly amazing artist, you must go very deep into yourself, into the world, into the universe, into the meaning of things.  You must go to the very source of everything.  Luckily, we can do that, because we ourselves come from that source.  It's not something outside ourselves; we are part of it, so it is in us. 

    Mine that source, and you will connect with what is important, and universal.  You will connect all the parts of yourself, and you will connect with the other beings on the planet.  And that's how you will be able to offer your art as a contribution to the universe, and you will be paid for that.

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