"Sweet Sue" by Michael J. Wetmore





Living out her name she goes table - to - table

A cosmic momentum captures the room

We are her faithful - and she is ours

But, now


A phalanx of noir notes

A dulcit overtone

A fine blue mesh, and then an explosion!

She sees the sax

She becomes the sax

She is purest Zen


Kerouac didn't live to hear her

He'd write about her just like Bird and Pres

Maybe he'd say: "So I am in this little place in the mountains in PA, see, and this chick's groovin's sax she got it goin bad, and I'm yellin'... Go! ...Every couple of seconds and God! dont ya know.. I think I'm in love...Wooo...!"

She speaks - and the glow is almost unbearable

We need charisma glasses

But now its that bittersweet time

We, the faithful file out

The ultimate Joy of Sax

Leaves our glass half empty

'Cause that's all for tonite

And half full

'Cause she'll return

The silent streets welcome her

We realize there's been more than a show, a performance

There's been an event,..... a satori

She is the superwoman

The High Empress of Cool

Sweet Sue, Sweet Sue - Just You

Oh, Man

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