Reviewer: Bob Bernotas, "Just Jazz," WNTI-FM & A CD should have a purpose. It should tell a story, reveal something about the artist, or unveil some deeper, hidden truth. Gilly's Caper does all of these, and does them in the most entertaining and engaging way. I don't believe there is anyone playing better alto saxophone today than Sue Terry." An Instant Classic Reviewer: John Leporati 'Sweet' Sue Terry is that rarest of jazz performers: an artist whose technical accomplishment is so ingrained that it becomes the white canvas upon which she paints vivid and varied works. And what a gallery! In her latest, "Gilly's Caper," Terry's sax work is at its best. From the rapid, intricate chord changes of "Terra Incognita" and "Toothless Soothsayer," to the sultry exotically haunting "Desert Moon," the arrangements are challenging without being distancing, making it an album you'll want to play again and again. Terry's vocal turns on "New Year" and "The Feel of the Blues," invite comparisons to Astrud Gilberto, yet are edged with an even subtler emotional complexity. Few can keep up with the range and power of Terry's sax (consider the title track in this regard) but she has chosen her fellow musicians well. An incredible selection of players rounds out this instant classic. All in all, the jazz album of the year." Hot, Haunting, Sultry and Cool! Reviewer: J. H. Hannen This amazing sax virtuoso hits her stride in this showcase of styles. Evocative vocals and sax solos that pay tribute to past masters and assure "Sweet Sue Terry" a special place among their ranks. The material and choice of collaborators is perfect! "Gilly's Caper" will be on my CD carousel for a long time to come and will be played long into the coolest and hottest nights. Outrageously Enjoyable! Reviewer: DAL, NYC Wow, there's such a high level of finesse and thoughtfulness and energy to Sue Terry's music, and everything she does, that's it's really hard to know where to begin praising her... First off, according to Sue's website, she spent about 6 months or more in post-production -- mixing, editing, and mastering this CD -- and that effort paid off big-time! Sonically, this is perfection, surpassed only by hearing Sue live. Musically, Sue and bandmates acheive the highest order; creating more than a collection of great tunes, or hip musical passages, but a complete and yes, I have to say it, "magical" journey. If it is the goal of music to entertain and enrich and enlighten then, in the words of the great Jazz composer and musician Paquito D'Rivera, "Sue nailed it!" Equal applause for Sue's bandmates: Michael Rabinowitz, bassoon; Saul Rubin, guitar; Leon Lee Dorsey, bass; Vincent Ector, drums; T. Ice, percussion. ;-)”
It is a rare and exciting pleasure to stumble across music that is as fresh and as well-realized as this. Sue Terry has new and interesting things to say, and a warm eloquence. This is music that’s alive and inspired, as much by the emotions as by the intellect; music that springs from the heart, brought to glorious fruition by Sue Terry’s gorgeous tone and polished improvisational technique." --Anthony George, Tokyo, Japan I've always been blown away by Sue's sax playing. Her sound just lifts me into the air and rocks me. Now after listening to this cd, I am equally moved by her compositional ability. I just love it! These pieces are original, spirited, moving, and just thoroughly enjoyable in every way. Sue Terry is a monster of the jazz saxophone and a treasure in the world of music." --MARGOT LEVERETT, clarinetist & bandleader Sue Terry's music is a unique blend of clear, elegant, lyrical feminity; delivered with the one-two punch of a heavyweight prize fighter. --KEN BICHEL, pianist & composer Listening to Sue Terry's sounds, one has to stop and beginning to guess: who is this player? I've been at gigs and in concerts given by this talented, original and creative sax player and always leave the places singing her last tune with a rose in my heart! Her new CD Gilly's Caper is one of the finest works I have lately heard.” THIAGO DE MELLO, composer & bandleader”
This is my first time experiencing a Sue Terry recording (shame on me!), so I didn't know what to expect. I decided to listen to this in my car without looking at the liner notes first (I believe you listen more carefully when you're not looking at the CD case itself like we all tend to do), so I just dove right in. A old fashioned blowing record, smooth jazz, fusion, modern jazz? Well, the answer is none of the above. What it is: an extremely well thought-out, composed, arranged, performed, and recorded collection of tunes that have an underlying theme. A jazz "Sgt. Peppers" if you will. The very unusual front line of alto and bassoon (without the liner notes it took me a minute to even figure out what that was!) are complimented by some fine guitar work, as well as a solid rhythm section aided by various percussion instruments in all the right places. The lack of a keyboard player also adds to the exotic sound, and I don't "miss" it at all. I really enjoyed this both for the fact that it's different, and because it's so well done. I'm going to have to get some more "Sweet Sue" records real soon. It sounds like this band is well rehearsed, and I was very surprised to see in the liner notes (when I finally looked at them) that it was recorded in only two days! Amazing. . ." --BILL HOLLOMAN, saxophonist & arranger”