ABOUT PINK SLIMY WORM/Compositions and Improvisations for Solo Saxophone Sweet Sue Terry/ 2003 Qi Note Records 8726 "Listen, if you're ready for 63 minutes of solo saxophone, you're not going to find any CD better than this. Sue Terry does everything with the solo sax (alto and soprano) that can be done, and then some. This incredible artist wails out her soul to any and all who would hear -- as in, you know, really listen. This is playing where the music breathes as alive with breath as any vocalist can give you, even the best of them. And you get the privilege of writing the lyrics for yourself. OK, so Sue Terry is one of the best sax players on earth. What's likewise drop-dead impressive is that Terry is the composer of all this music, so rich and wild, yet built like a truck, and just as formidable. You could call this CD the prelude and fugue of sax. Dues paid. Send in the agents." (Michael Redmond is a former award winning reviewer for the Star- Ledger and Newhouse News Service)” - --Michael Redmond
This is a very engrossing CD. I play it over and over in my basement while editing poetry manuscripts for Exit 13 magazine. It doesn't make the bad poems better, but it sure adds dimension when the poems are good. I certainly want to hear more from Sweet Sue. Thank you.” - Tom Plante, Exit 13 Magazine
A remarkable and important musical achievement.” - --Bob Bernotas, WNTI FM
The solo saxophone recital has seldom been the medium of choice for mainstream players, but then again Sue Terry has never been your typical jazz saxophonist. A protege of Jackie McLean who was subsequently mentored by the late great tenor sax giants Clifford Jordan and Junior Cook and living legend Barry Harris, Terry is one of the very few female horn players to achieve acceptance on the tough New York hard bop scene in the '80s. Sweet Sue, as she's been dubbed by her mentors, does bring a certain special sensibility to her instrument, but is more attributable to her philosophy of life than her gender. A practitioner of the ancient arts of Qigong and Taiji Quan, Terry's adherence to the Taoist principles of life so permeates her holistic approach to creating music that her solo performances can be heard more as duets between her horn and the sounds of silence. Pink Slimy Worm (the title comes from a famous classical composer's derogatory description of the saxophone) combines composed and improvised pieces for alto and soprano that manage to be musical in a variety of ways, at times recalling the solo works of Lee Konitz, Oliver Lake, Bobby Watson and Paul Horn. Terry's tone, personal and classic at the same time, is at the heart of the date's attractiveness; her broad sound can be both smooth and sweet or dark and gritty and she fluidly modulates her tonality, often in call and response patterns, to avoid monotony. Drawing from a wealth of experience--jazz, classical, new age, avant garde, rhythm and blues, Eastern, Afro-Cuban and new music--the date's fifteen tracks, variably programmatic and impressionistic, come together as a thoroughly honest vision of the world she lives in--one in which music exists as a powerful healing force, from the ancient to the future.” - --Russ Musto

All About Jazz--New York

Pink Slimy Worm is amazing music. Personal. Powerful. Human. Heartfelt. Real.” - --Frank London, trumpeter/composer & founder of The Klezmatics
PEER REVIEW GALLERY . When the saxophone was invented, many scoffed at the instrument. Little did they know that one day Sue Terry would grace the instrument with her consummate musicianship and finest tone this author has ever heard emanate from a saxophone. I have heard her many times. Her approach is truly innovative." --pianist Wayne V. Smith It's extremely difficult to hold a listener captive as the only player on an entire CD. Sue did that for me." --trumpeter Joe Mosello I listened to Pink Slimy Worm on the way home last night--it is great! You rock! And I laughed out loud at the redheaded kid story--that was so hilarious and so perfect! Perfectly written, and perfect delivery. Gonna give Pink Slimy to my husband to listen to now." --Erin Hill, Gridley Records I listenend to your CD last night. . .it was fantastic! Very coherent and thoughtful. It reminded me of Charlie Haden--who is one of my favorites. I'm thinking of the way his solo work--and yours--is so tonal and melodic and very grounded and compelling. No wasted notes--every note is thought through and careful." --pianist Mikael Elsila Your playing is great, and the compositions are intriguing and very enjoyable. I'm also very impressed by an entire CD of solo horn playing. Only someone whose musical resources flow as deep as yours could carry that off!" --trombonist Erick Storckman Your sax playing is one of the wonders of the world. I'm so glad you captured it on disc--pure, without interference of any kind, just barenaked sax playing. And your compositions are daring. It's full of soul." --clarinetist Margot Leverett I've always felt doing a completely solo album was venturing into dangerous territory and not for the faint of heart. I must admit that I was questioning your sanity! Well, I guess you showed me. This is wonderful . . . I want to thank you for your creation. It is a sonic treat. " --saxophonist Sal Spicola Beautiful. And a serious lesson for anyone who plays the saxophone."--bassist Tim Metz Your CD is great! It reminds me of why I like your playing. The tunes are really creative as is your playing. Your use of cool melodies, interesting intervals, tonalities, harmonics.....very creative!!!" --saxophonist Mark Friedman Sue's solo CD is pensive, clear, and directed towards a larger horizon. It sounds like a melody line for a big band with muscular rhythm abundant throughout. There is a disciplined freedom that avoids chaos and disorder and stimulates the listener into a creative partnership. I really enjoy the CD. Sue manages to share a wider aspect of her immense talent with this offering." --pianist Bertha Hope Well balanced playing with a lot of poise." --saxophonist / flutist Andrew Sterman "I am really enjoying it ... the playing and the comp and improv." --violinist / composer Mark Feldman Beautiful tone, really unparalleled, only approached by very very few -- like Weidoff, Getz, Desmond. A clear center, full metallic roundness (bell like ringing), resonance, clarity and strength.Seldom used and mastered by others, the low register is used beautifully and also the extreme high register. The tone is consistent throughout, and you could have the best low register in saxophone. Lovely compositions with feeling, line and intellectual structure. Always interesting. I love the "Water Wheel" A beautifully consistent CD, one can play it when in the appropriate mood and not be jarred into different emotions. A peaceful, sometimes meditative experience." -pianist / composer Derwyn Holder Your CD is really excellent. The alto and soprano sound great, and the material really keeps me interested-- something that's hard to do on a solo CD!" --saxophonist Craig Yaremko I really like it! I like the melodic approach you took; it works well in the solo context. And I thought the production was great, too." --saxophonist Sam Newsome Your Worm is beyond words--I am stunned." --saxophonist, woodwind artist and author Tim Price For more reviews by listeners, log onto CDBABY.com/sweetsueterry.”