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Will your kids be reciting this version someday?

I pledge allegiance to the dream 
of the United Globalist Cabal 
and to the agenda 
for which it stands, 
all people, under the 1%, 
with protection and Soma for all 

What if schoolchildren were asked to recite the above Pledge, instead of the one we all know? (For best effect, stand with your hand over your heart and say it out loud.) 

In the tradition of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (published in 1949) and Huxley’s Brave New World (published in 1932), along with other dystopian novels, the fictional pledge above suggests a similar future. 

Please note this essay is not a manifesto of any kind. It is a philosophical essay exploring the possibility of a New World Order in which 99% of the people on Earth are completely at the disposal (double entendre intended) of the 1%. 

The ritualized Pledge of Allegiance structure opening the essay attaches an emotional component to the premise–changing the words of the Pledge is sacrilege! Were the emotional component absent, very few would give this piece a second glance. 

History of the Pledge of Allegiance 

The Pledge, as it is often referred to for short, was first published in an 1892 issue of the magazine Youth’s Companion, in a version penned by Francis Bellamy. Bellamy was a former Baptist Minister who later identified as a Christian Socialist. 

Countless U.S. schoolchildren have recited the Pledge daily since that time. In 1924 the National Flag Conference altered the wording slightly. In 1942, Congress officially adopted the Pledge. The following year the Supreme Court ruled that a student could not be forced to recite the Pledge because it would violate 1st Amendment rights. In 1954, during the Cold War, the words “under God” were added, in an effort to distinguish the United States from its communist, atheistic opponent, the Soviet Union. 

Now let’s examine the individual lines of the proposed update. 

Who, or What, is a Globalist Cabal? 

The globalist cabal is said to be made up of members of the top 1% of the richest people in the world. It’s been suggested by a number of contemporary social and political analysts that the world is moving toward a one-government, one-currency rule led by this cabal. 

Though we seem far from this objective at present, we do see a great degree of border dissolution already, in the form of culture. This is no accident. All influential leaders, from Jesus to Hitler and beyond, have strived to create a “culture” around them that served as a reality construct for their followers. Modern reality constructs are increasingly supported by technology. For example, the extremely fluid movement of music, art, film, dance, food, fashion, and books around the world shows how quickly technology has molded our world into an increasingly homogeneous cultural expression. 

What is the “dream” of the globalist cabal referenced in the Pledge upgrade? 


The architects of the globalist agenda are experts at symbolism, and the shaping of reality constructs. Their current “superbug” construct seems to have been quite successful, given the high number of people in the world who are expressing their belief in the construct by acting according to its instructions. 

The globalist architects understand the importance of planting images in the public’s mind. These images are later used to instill a feeling of familiarity– even destiny–regarding current events. For this reason, we see the “future” in movies, books and TV way before we see it in real life. Depictions of violence and control in visual media, while earning billions of dollars for media owners, have also normalized these behaviors in everyday life. 

Public behavior is influenced by memes such as “Stay home, stay safe,” which suggest people who don’t stay home are violating others’ safety. Or “the new normal,” which plants the subliminal suggestion that you’d better resign yourself to the situation, there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Full Disclosure 

The practice of “announcing” the release of a new reality construct, brought to you by the makers of Globalist Cabal Central, is required by Law. 

What Law? 

All new reality constructs must be announced beforehand, in keeping not only with the tradition of the press release and practice of full disclosure, but also to publicly declare the agenda so people may dispute it. This is much like putting a notice in the newspaper when you’re suing someone, or the minister at a wedding ceremony asking if anyone in the audience objects to the marriage taking place. 

If no one objects to a proposed reality construct, it is deemed by the Cabal to be accepted by the people and ready to be implemented. 

In the last line of the Pledge upgrade we see the promise of the Cabal to its people: 

Protection and Soma For All

Rather than empowerment of the “victim,” protection of the victim is the order of the day. This is in great contrast to previous decades: if there was a bully at school who was bothering you, you either beat him/her up yourself or else got a bigger friend to do it for you. That was always a very effective method. 

Protection is now at a whole new level, perhaps foreshadowing that of Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale. In this novel, young women are turned into Wards of the State (slaves) under the guise of protecting them. The abuse the women suffer under their protected status is worse than what they experienced prior to being protected. 

In other examples of the protection strategy, under the guise of protecting the economy, we bail out the banks. Under the guise of protecting the country, taxpayers pay billions to private military contractors.  Under the guise of protecting citizens from a superbug, borders are closed, airports shut down, and quarantines and curfews are established worldwide. 

Finally, we have the promise of Soma for all. 

The name derives from an intoxicating plant juice used in ancient Vedic sacrifices. It was later appropriated by Aldous Huxley in his book Brave New World. In that novel, all the citizens are under strict control and mind-programming by the State. In order to quell any disturbances, whether personal or political, the feel-good drug Soma is distributed to every adult. 

The Question We Must Now Ask Ourselves 

Are we to live under the control of a One World Government that requires official surveillance of all one’s activities, purchases, state of health, personal communications and physical location at all times? All of these things are already being done by governments, and arrests made, without any warrant needed or habeas corpus observed. 

The people do still have power over their elected officials. But only if enough of them do not want to live under a State of control and they come together publicly to let that be known. Otherwise, the people become “invisible” as per the penultimate line of the Pledge upgrade. 

Or, we have the choice to accept the “protections” the State offers. If we do so, we get all the Soma we want. Well, not really. As in Huxley’s novel, the Soma will doubtless be rationed. After all, you can’t have a world where the slaves–I mean workers–are so blitzed they don’t get their work done. 

What do YOU think? Are we headed towards a one-world government where we will have to recite Pledge of Allegiance 1.1? 

Or do you have faith that the Globalist Cabal is a fabrication by conspiracy theorists, and we have absolutely nothing to fear? 

Or do you have an alternative theory? 

Please let us know in the comments below, thanks! 

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” [this quote is attributed to George Orwell, however the claim is not substantiated] 

Thanks to Alki Steriopoulos, Aaron Dunn and Carol von Eschen.