This is a 2 hour workshop (posted in 2 parts) on the subject of Intonation presented by 'Sweet' Sue Terry at the JazzSchool in San Francisco, CA in June 2012.  Many thanks to Mollie for the recording!  Feel free to download for your personal archives, and link to it if you wish.  Please do not sell or otherwise exploit for commercial purposes, thanks.
Part 1: Pitch as frequency. Difference tones. Timbre. Are difference tones real? Tuning systems. Keys of instruments and pieces. Equal Temperament. The overtone series. "Function" of the note.
Part 2: Working with a tuner.   How to tune while playing. Transcribing.  Setting goals.  Feeling the vibration.  Applying energetic principles to music.  The purpose of learning technique. Training yourself. The shadow tone. "Perceptions cannot be forced--they can only be allowed to happen."  Using tools to check your subjective impressions.  Jackie McLean's concept.