Agree To Disagree....What???

More and more I’m hearing the phrase “we’ll agree to disagree.” 

This expression approaches the zenith of both moronic and oxymoronic reasoning. It is the last resort of someone who wishes to retain their self-perceived throne of conversational hierarchy without getting punched in the face. 

Off the top of my head I can think of at least ten ways to respect the other person in a dialogue without conceding your own viewpoint; “we’ll agree to disagree” is not one of them. 

I hereby make a public promise to never use this nonsensical and annoying phrase.

Here are some alternatives:

1. Apparently we have very different worldviews.  Naturally that influences our opinions.

2. You seem to have done a lot of research.  So have I. Thank God we live in a world where there is still freedom of speech and intellectual debate.

3. I'm always happy to find there are those who disagree with me.  Otherwise the world would be quite boring.

4. It seems like we each follow different sources of information, so naturally there's some things we won't agree on.

5. This is a fascinating topic.  Let's continue it another time though, because I have to go.

6. Your opinion is certainly valid. And so is mine. That's why they're called "opinions."

7. Ten years ago I would have agreed with you, but I've since changed my mind.

8. I always like to learn more about this. Could you please send me a link that explains it from your perspective?

9. I am following my Truth, just as you are following your Truth. I would never try to tell you that your Truth is wrong.

10. Obviously your research has led you to different conclusions.

11. There are millions of people who agree with your viewpoint.  There are also millions of people who agree with my viewpoint.

12. I guess you and I are expressing the dualistic polarities that are part of the human condition.