Get Thee Behind Me Pollyanna

I’m really sick of getting Pollyanna newsletters in my inbox, full of supposedly uplifting thoughts, allegedly empowering suggestions, so-called supercharged tips… designed to make your life even more awesome than it already is.  

The truth is the world’s going to hell in a handbasket, n'est pas?  

I want to see the jazz musicians who are sucking up to all the stupid rules and conforming to media-driven formulas, I want to see them in 20 years when they’re slave performers who get released from their practice cubicles once a week to play for the ‘kings and queens.’  

I’m sick of people going against basic human principles just to make a buck.  Lying, cheating others, promoting products that harm people, scamming people, selling them stuff they don’t need, manipulating their minds with advertising, obstructing justice in the courts, and even murdering those who stand in their way.  

What I would like to see is personal integrity.  Hey, we all have done stuff we’re not proud of.  But now that I’m older I believe I have more awareness, and I act from a code of honor rather than a “get ahead” mentality.  We’re all sharing the planet.  Why should some people tell other people how to live?  (Like I’m doing right now…)