How to Play in Tune

On the FB clarinet forum someone posted that even though they worked with a tuner on a daily basis, they had trouble with intonation when playing with others.  I replied that you have to understand the function of the notes according to their context.  Even in equal temperament, the note "F", for example, is going to be tuned slightly differently depending on whether it's functioning as a m/M 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, or the perfect 4/5 and their alterations. This is true in both melody and harmony. 

If it sounds complicated, that's because it is.  But tuning is not an intellectual exercise.  Your ear will automatically guide your embouchure to make the correct pitch, with practice.  My advice is play along with a lot of different styles, including world music where you'll hear other temperament systems.

Someone was recommending an app called Tonal Energy tuner (TE tuner), but I understand it works much better on ioS than it does on Android. But to practice your intonation on the fly, it's best to play along with recordings.  Because you have to know how to tune to another player who may or may not be in tune themselves. In those situations, it's usually better to make an adjustment yourself rather than call out the other guy for bad pitch, especially if it's just a one-off gig.