Sound Ride Through the Universe

This morning I go down to my studio (it’s separate from my house, on the lower level of the property) and do yoga, make coffee, then start looking for weird music on Bandcamp.  There’s lots of weird music there.  Some of it you maybe wouldn’t describe as music; it’s more like sound palettes.  

Here’s my kind of weird: ambient, atmospheric, can have words but only sparsely, cryptic or unintelligible.  Can have beats but only super mellow, like Dwell by Recondite.  I find Musique Concrète by Institute for Alien Research and rather like it.  Add it to my wishlist.  You can listen 3 times for free before you have to buy it.  

What music, or sound, am I ultimately seeking?  Nothing less than music of the Void!  Because the Void is empty, it can contain anything.  Is this what Messiaen was expressing with his Turangalila Symphony?  

What I am seeking has to have some space.  It has to be empty enough to hold what I the Listener want to put there.  Not in terms of additional sounds, like a mash-up, no.  In terms of feelings.  Emotions.  Thoughts. Shades of light and dark.  Images.  I gotta hack my Sound Ride for the journey through the Universe.