We Are the Future

Why do we musicians not have the courage to define, in concrete terms, what we would like our working conditions to be?  Why do we keep allowing others (non-musicians) to dictate what these conditions are, and take advantage of us?

Why do we deny all responsibility for creating our conditions, when it is we who will either benefit of suffer by them?

Why do we let others decide how our creativity and creations shall be used, when it is we who make the creations, and only we have the power to do so?


For me these are rhetorical questions, and I already know how my colleagues would respond.  All their responses are excuses.

We are at the veritable beginning of a great Renaissance. There is room for both a Leonardo and a Michelangelo (who hated each other, by the way) and everyone in between.

I realize there are old serfs among us who won't leave the plantation.  As for the rest--I call upon you to join me in creating our new world, where WE make our rules.

Why do we need venues who keep the lion's share of the ticket price, when no one would come to the venue if it weren't for US?  Why do we let those venues dictate to us in every conceivable way?  Why do we not form our own teaching collectives that don't suck on the money teat of a University or the political teat of a department head?

We all know colleagues who are bypassing the entrenched powers and creating their own ways to play, record and teach.  I'm one of them. We are not the fringe....

We are the FUTURE.