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The artist formerly known as Sue Terry is now Su Terry. Saves ink.

The "e" was silent...now it's invisible



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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T
I play Jazz and Spontaneously Composed Music (aka "Improvisation") on soprano saxophone, clarinet, and shakuhachi. I compose music and write essays and books. My favorite speaking topics are Creativity and Improvisation.  The martial art of Taijiquan is my other passion. New York was my home base for more than thirty years as I toured, recorded and taught worldwide. My home and recording studio are now located in the Andes Mountains of South America.


"Both as a composer and a performer, with her own unique tone, Su Terry continues to make great contributions to the world of jazz." Reese Urlich, Jazz Perspectives, NPR (National Public Radio)

"Su Terry is a remarkable storyteller, in music and in words. . . she looks at the world in a creative--we could say cockeyed--wonderful way." –Erika Funke, ArtScene, NPR (National Public Radio)


W H A T   Y O U ' R E   S A Y I N G


"You said something re: musicians often have an ability to do certain things well; an area of expression where they build their musical house....that's my interpretation of your statement...Anyway, what you shared brought something into focus for me. Today, I felt, experienced, perceived my musical identity. I think what fell away, was an almost sub-conscious effort to sound and play like everybody else; a recipe for failure, to be sure. Today, on my kit, I felt happy and grateful to be able to express. I was smiling as I worked on certain things, and I realized it was the same smile I've seen from you in some videos, and during yesterday's performance!" –drummer/producer Pete Mercer

"You are a visionary." –composer/pianist Rachel Z

"I feel as if I'm a better person after listening to you."  –Janet St. Claire

"Su Terry has the BIG PICTURE!" –composer/pianist/vocalist Bob Dorough

"Su- you rocked the house during your presentation this year!" –author/Cuenca Int'l Writers Conference director Lynne Klippel

"Su Terry is formidable." –percussionist/bandleader Ray Barretto

"The Source is a beautiful film.  It has a universal quality which I try for in tone quality.  I believe you are helping people with your music, and the attitude of kindness and connecting with nature and animals that is your view of the world." –woodwind artist John McKimmey

"Just watched your video on your site and some of your youtube videos, you soooooo rock it sister! You're too freekin cool! If I didn't know you and was sitting in the audience I would sooooo want to meet and know you! Your music is so wonderful! And your style and the way you play!" –Christine Breese, University of Metaphysical Sciences

"Su nailed it!" –saxophonist/clarinetist Paquito D'Rivera

"I am always so thrilled to follow your exploits and happy to know your career and love of jazz takes you to new places each year." –visual artist Judy Thomas, Boston

"Your composition and performance really knocked me out. Wonderfully evocative, inventive, and playful. Great stuff...bravo!" –photographer Garth Woods

"...as always, the MUSIC was the best. Spectacular composition by Su Terry, played just PERFECTLY. It really touched my heart to hear such gorgeous music." –Laurie Harriton

"I just bought For The Curious and can't put it down...except to write to you..." –composer/arranger Anne Phillips

"Hi Su. Been thinking about you. Spent a couple days around New Year's with Rachel Z and Omar, and on the night we got there they were working in the studio while my wife and I hung out in the kitchen. On the table was your book, "Inside the Mind of a Musician". I said to myself, "Hey, I know her!" and picked it up and started reading it. Aside from your stories being just fascinating in their own right, the book itself is an inspiration. It is exactly the kind of book I have been telling myself I should write - - the organization into lots of small stories is exactly what I've been trying to come up with but previously couldn't quite figure out how to pull off. But you did it! So, I may not be a musician, but your book is definitely serving as an inspiration." –Christopher F. Chiesa

"Wow Su...is there Anything you don't simply CRUSH??? Going to give all the rest of us an inferiority complex if we don't have one already." –guitarist/singer/songwriter Hugh Ghiringhelli

"Sweet Su you are one of the BEST I have ever played with!" –trumpeter Lew Soloff

"I will always remember fondly the gigs we did together. You were always so supportive and got right into the spirit of the program. I always listened to your solos and got some insights into the art of improvisation." –guitarist/bandleader Richard Frank

"We heard you at the Palladium in St. Pete, FL.  Any timetable for you returning to the area?  I have worn out your autographed CD of Gilly's Caper." –G. Faher, Florida

"I really admire what you're doing.  I also happen to think you're one of the coolest people on planet earth." –filmmaker Bret Primack, aka "Jazz Video Guy"

"I saw Su Terry [at the Deer Head Inn]...If you love her music, you have to see her play live. Talk about playing 'in the moment' and with such joy! She was also very gracious during her break by giving me some basic sax tips. As a beginner, I really appreciated her sharing her time. The people playing with her were also great: Peggy Stern, piano; Evan Gregor, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums.  My thanks to you, Su, for your kindness and a terrific show!" –Duncan, on SaxOnTheWeb

"We return to see you again and again and we're never disappointed.  Your energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and sheer pleasure of watching you perform is a delight." –Jeff Pallas, Pennsylvania

"Your performance is always filled with energy! A great evening of music...we always enjoy your shows!" –Christopher & Kelly Moravek, Pennsylvania

"I drove 4 hours up to Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains–your beautiful tone, phrasing, technique, inspiration and compositions were my accompaniment.  The duets were great chemistry, and the solo work brought out a lot of emotions for me on my way up the mountain!" –Timothy McNally, California

"You've got the grace, l'm listening your Lost melody, from PINK SLIMY WORM. you've got the grace." –Claudio Riggio

"The scope of your intelligence and insight is always breathtaking." –Bob Anram, saxophonist

"We loved you at the COTA Festival and had to come back for more!" –Lynn Fraser & Jim Bloom, Pennsylvania

"Thank you very very much for inviting Carolyn and I to the after concert reception when you and Peggy played the Mary Lou Williams Festival. We enjoyed it very  much and the duo was superb at the concert, very much so. For me it was one of my favorite parts of the festival. I was especially taken with Pinteca when you managed to growl through you alto while handling the mini-shaker -impressive! I still remember that particular moment - hope that Jazz Set plays your duo one day, wish that the whole performance was available live as well. Listening to the duo CD right now before I turn in for a little night's rest., like it a lot." –Tony Burrell, Wash. D.C.

"You were amazing!  Such clear, transparent and sophisticated sound!" –Yeva Avakyan, Wash. D.C.

"Love your stories, your philosophy and your wisdom--and even more than that I love your playing." –Jerry Pritchard, Professor Emeritus of Music. California State University, San Bernardino

"You really made an impact last Saturday night at Wild Flower. A friend of mine saw you guys and all he could talk about is this female sax player that was 'the best player he has ever heard'! I said, oh that could be none other but Sweet Su. You go girl! I told him, just don't piss her off, she is a kung fu master!!!!!" –B.A. Little

"It was nice meeting you at Jon and Wendy's party last Saturday. I wish I could have talked with you more, all I remember saying to you was "wow your sax is beautiful." Oh boy! But then when you played I was looking around to see if you were for real or not. All I kept thinking when you were playing was how melodic and musical and emotional you played and how you just slipped into whatever style we played and made it your own. And it was funny because I felt that I could learn how to improv from you just by playing with you." – violinist Deb Schaarschmidt

"Su - you sounded so great - the band must be paying homage to the goddesses for you with them!   Seriously, what beautiful sympatico!" –vocalist & composer Janet Lawson

"You were playing like God was next to you." –guitarist & composer Ricardo Franck (Ti Plume)

"I was listening again to the CD Bandleader 101, you gave me at Deerhead Inn, on my way back to Pittsburgh after seeing Derwyn. Late night snow falling in headlights and I kept repeating Mrs Martin and Terra Incognita as I flew through space. What a great album. And the tuba and Mrs. Martin. Thanks for the trip." –Dick Esterle

"My two favorite "Mag" writers are you at Jazz Improv!! and my younger son and his record reviews in DECIBEL magazine. The biggest difference is I have no idea who the groups are in Decibel! So you win." –Ashley Seward, NY

"I've listened to Pink Slimy Worm many times and I love it! You are always creative & inventive and your pure tone is a joy to hear. You are truly one of the awesome musicians on the music /jazz scene today. And please add me to your email list." –Barbara Connelly, Off The Cliff Promotions, New York

"We first saw you perform at the Jazz Festival 2 years ago, and you blew us away!" –Heather Brann, Pennsylvania

"I've been hearing comments for days about you and your music from listeners of KMHD FM. You were a great surprise to many of us who enjoy this music. Like finding a rare jewel that hadn't yet been discovered. Love your music and it's going into KMHD's studio library." –Mary Burlingame, KMHD Radio, Portland OR

"I bought your book Practice Like The Pros which is just great, I just ordered Step One playing the Tenor Saxophone from Amazon . . . I have to say you're just brilliant and you come across as a real genuine soul." –James Sullivan, United Kingdom

"You are an inspiration." –saxophonist Candace DeBartolo

"Your blog is overwhelmingly hip! Continue to do what you want till you are an old master, then start the monastery. Let the young monks make the wine." –composer Derwyn Holder

"Yeah yeah yeah, SU you're happening... sounding great, and I thought that was you singing but knew for sure when I read your note about the band... ha ha... well you got it woman–great to hear you!" –vocalist/composer Judi Silvano, New York

"Will you play at my funeral?"  –pianist Jill McManus, New York


S E L E C T E D   D I S C O G R A P H Y

Jazz de Barro   FESTEJO DE CAPISHCA   Qi Note Records 2019

Su Terry  LIVE AT THE DEER HEAD INN  Deer Head Records  003

Su Terry  GILLY'S CAPER Qi Note Records QN 8736

Su Terry  PINK SLIMY WORM Qi Note Records QN 8726

Su Terry  BANDLEADER 101 (digital release) Qi Note Records QN 8767

Peggy Stern & Su Terry THE ART OF THE DUO Estrella Music EM730

Tim Price & Su Terry THE BLUE.SEUM PROJECT Qi Note Records QN 8747

Terra Mars THE TROUBADOURS  Qi Note Records QN 8777

Paul Ammendola LET THE WIND DANCE Sebastian Records 327001

Scot Albertson VIBINATION



Jaki Byard PHANTASIES I Soul Note 121 175-1

Cubano L'ESSENCE CUBANO Mini Records 1153

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Fred Ho NIGHT VISION Autonomedia (Book/CD)

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Joe McMahon, Jr. YOU'RE SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR Sharla Records SHACD-1917

Mini All Stars CHANGE LE BEAT Mini Records 1166

Mini All Stars CHANGE ENCORE LE BEAT Mini Records S119

Mini All Stars PIROULI Mini Records 1169

Charli Persip & Superband NO DUMMIES ALLOWED Soul Note 121 179-2


Hilton Ruiz GOIN' BACK TO NEW ORLEANS  M27 Records

Hilton Ruiz HILTON'S LAST NOTE HRM 112280

Peggy Stern Z OCTET Estrella Productions

Michael Jefry Stevens SONGBOOK MJS Productions

Ti Manno BAMBOCHE CREOLE Chancy Records 8029

Jack Woodbridge PICTURE THIS

Jack Woodbridge JACK OF HEARTS

A S   C O M P O S E R

John Mastroianni/Sherrie Maricle THE TIME BEING Jazz Alliance 10019

Bobby Sanabria Afro Cuban Jazz Dream Big Band LIVE AND IN CLAVE Arabesque AJ0149



Su Terry GREATEST HITS Qi Note Records QN 9777

Various Artists SAX IN THE CITY Apria Records

Various Artists JAZZ IN THE WILDE Uh Oh 0005

Mini All Stars GREATEST HITS MSRD 1001

Mini All Stars GREATEST HITS Vol. II MSRD 1007

Mini All Stars S.O.S. MSRD 1228

I N S T R U C T I O N A L   C D s

Sue Terry PRACTICE LIKE THE PROS Music Sales Corp.



Sue Terry STEP ONE: PLAY CLARINET Music Sales Corp.

Hal Archer STEP ONE: PLAY FLUTE Music Sales Corp.


Su Terry is a Yamaha Saxophone Artist. She uses Jody Jazz mouthpieces and ligatures, Légère reeds, and SaxRax horn stands.

P R O F E S S I O N A L   A F F I L I A T I O N S

BMI composer & publisher • National Music Publishers Assoc. •  American Society of Internal Arts (A.S.I.A.) • Patience Tai Chi Association •  Taller/Encuentro de músicos en el Jazz  •  Cuenca For Expats Forum