Announcing Metaphysics of Music: a 5-day intensive on frequency, sound and music. 

AUGUST 7 - 11, 2023

Su Terry–international performer, composer, writer and speaker–has created this course for musicians and music cognoscenti to deepen, expand, and excite our relationship with music. 

The course takes place in Quito, Ecuador this August, and will be in English and Spanish.



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Coaching the Quito military jazz ensemble

April 2023

Su was guest soloist with the Universidad Central de Ecuador Big Band led by Juanpa Naula.

April 2023

Internation Day of Jazz: Su Terry with Raimon Rovira, Juanpa Naula, Giovanni Bermudez and Fidel Vargas

Presented by Asociación Humboldt, April 2023

This multiple-day course covers all the topics on music that ARE NOT TAUGHT in music schools: • The function of music in societies • Relationship of music to Time • Music as a type of energy • Properties of sound • Different tuning systems • Music used as a political force • Cymatics • Healing via frequency applications • Trusting intuition equally with knowledge • Making music without our usual instruments • conversation with a renowned musician/shaman, with optional ayahuasca ceremony and much more A great chance for players and fans to mix and learn together. Players should bring their instruments (keyboard & amps provided by venue.) Fans have a unique opportunity to be behind the scenes, seeing how music really works. Everyone will participate, everyone will play.

Video introduction:

Pricing includes hotel, meals & ground transportation daily. Special pricing available if you already have lodging. Course will be in English and Spanish.


Ryan Hagler, Mike Gordon, Peggy Stern, Su Terry, Alex Coke, Suzi Stern

Photo by Brenda Ladd

 "You absolutely blew people away in Austin.  I am still hearing from fans 'Wow!  Su Terry is a monster!  I love her!'  I agree! You sounded fan-freakin-tastic."  –vocalist/composer Suzi Stern