Showreel for Music Producers & Engineers (2nd video)

Su Terry works with clients worldwide from her recording studio in South America. When you need fills, background lines, accompaniments or solos, add that special woodwind touch to your next project–from our studio to yours! Please contact us to discuss your project!

Su's third appearance on the Music, Meaning & Mystery podcast by Ulysses Jason Newcomb.  On this show we focus on the Metaphysics of Music theme.  Interview starts at 1:59.

We cover topics such as:

The function of music and musicians in society
What is music for?
Music used as a political force
The enemies of music
Is there hope for the future?
432 Hz tuning

TIMESTAMPS (Total time 12:52) 

Intro 0:00

Shakuhachi with drum track 0:29

Soprano sax bluesy solo with jazz band 1:45 •

Clarinet with singer/songwriter  3:50

Andean double flute with drum track 5:25

Andean quena with drum track 5:59

Clarinet with band and vocals 6:58

Soprano sax with Pop fusion band 7:48 

Shakuhachi with shruti box 9:02

Outro 10:46

"Sesiones de Contrabando" is the Ecuador equivalent of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series, hosted by bassist and producer Josep Washima.  This live presentation, complete with band interviews, was aired in September 2022.  Su Terry, sax & clarinet; Lucas Bravo, piano; Christian Torres, bass; Pedro Ortiz, drums

Set List:

1. Alba pa´ti 0:38

2. La Llama 4:51

3. Purisha 9:01

4. Yarawi 14:31

5. San Juan Jam 20:40

6. Charquito 25:39

7. Ñutu Tamiya 31:35

8. Samba Raúl 37:14

9. Festejo de Capizhca 41:42