Su Terry: vocal, saxophone, composition
Saul Rubin: guitar
Leon Lee Dorsey: bass
Vince Ector: drums


The Feel of the Blues
words & music by Su Terry
Sweet Sue Music-BMI

So this is how it looks
when a cloud steals the sun away
So this is how it tastes
to swallow your own tears
And now I know the scent
that follows every rotten deal
This is the Feel of the Blues

Does anybody mind
if I moan on a moonlit night
Does anybody know
what time the tide comes in
Is anyone afraid
to find the world may not be real
This is the Feel of the Blues

Every mornin' and evenin'
they've got me inside
Whether wakin' or sleepin'
there's nowhere to hide

Don't tell me about love
your advice is a little late
Don't tell me about fate,
'cause words won't dull the pain
Don't tell me not to cry
that's how a broken heart can heal
This is the Feel of the Blues