Eric vs Troopers, Chapter 2

  In the previous entry we found Eric with his battalion of trained chipmunks (and squirrel officers).  I realize this is really going out on a limb; but I thought I would offer it just in case Disney wants to branch out.

  This is also a rather low-tech approach.  Maybe we'll have Eric using a Blackphone instead.  Blackphone encrypts all your communications between itself and another Blackphone (Google it if you're clueless) so he could be communicating with his sister, for instance, and receiving information on law enforcement coordinates and so forth. 

  But frankly, I think he should have both.  The Blackphone might go kaput (not to mention whatever solar-powered charger he's got) whereas female chipmunks usually have litters of four or five, every year.

  Although it's almost time for the Eastern chipmunk to go into hibernation for the winter.  Back to Blackphone.

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