Last year I started a saxophone website, which I intended to be a repository for all the knowledge and insights about saxophones and saxophone playing I have gleaned over the years. 

I signed up for a website service that checks all your pages for the correct number and placement of keywords, so that your site can be found by search engines and spiders (automated web patrols.)

I wrote a lot of material for the site and posted it, carefully chopping up and simplifying my prose until it was dumbed down enough to satisfy not only the web spiders, but also the lowest common denominator of human visitors.

I am taking the site down.  After the realization sunk in that I was working my ass off to please automated Internet programs, instead of my readers (and myself!), I was horrified.  Yes, I know it will be harder for people to find my stuff now. 

Good.  Multi sunt vocati, pauci vero electi.

I guess this is why I'm an artist and not a businessperson. 

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